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"Perle Blanche"

In France, the significance of the color white dates back to the 15th century. White roses were significance of royalty and something that was making statement.

The versatility of our Perle Blanche bouquet makes it the perfect gift whether celebrating a birthday, sending condolences, or giving a hostess gift. The simplicity of our white roses is certain to both adapt to and enhance any space.  


25 is exact size what makes perfect size

All French Collection bouquets include:

25 Fresh, luxury Ecuadorian roses in our signature tissue and Fleurs De La Mer branded box 

Handwritten greeting on our custom stationery.





Care Instructions

How long do the Fleurs De La Mer flowers last and how to give them longer life?

Fresh flowers are perishable and have a life of their own. We cannot guarantee how long they will last, but caring for them will make a significant difference in their life.

Please follow these instructions to give your flowers a longer life:


- Place your arrangement indoors, away from any direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents.

- Please don’t place them directly under ceiling fans, on top of televisions or radiators.

- Keep the arrangement in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit).

- Flower Boxes: Add a cup of water (tea cup) every other day from the middle into the base of the box. If needed, re-cut the stems by removing one inch with a sharp knife at a 45 degree angle then place back into the water absorbed foam.


Perle Blanche

  • One Of Our Best Seller Signature Arrangement.  

    Great Choice For Any Ocassion

  • Same-day orders are processed immediately, and usually cannot be changed. Due to the urgent nature of florist delivered products we are unable to cancel or change orders already in process at the florist, en route or delivered. To cancel or change an order that has not been processed, please call (305)-300-1083. 

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